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Over the last few years I asked myself many questions. Who are we really? What are we doing here? How did we get here anyway? What is the truth about our reality? Do we really need to know?


Thinking and researching led to writing and three books emerged. Aspects of Reality- a user’s guide to the universe, Seven Aspects of Reality, and Super Clues to Reality. These combine the latest thinking about the science of our reality, and the universe we inhabit with spirituality and ancient and modern wisdom.  Unmissable and very enlightening.


New insights then emerged of whole new structure of reality beyond that which we are generally unable to see.

Follow me as I share with you you the different aspects of our reality that I have identified. I also point  the way to an exciting big picture beyond that will blow your mind.

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 Can we really understand the truth about our reality?

The Glitter Ball Analogy

The ball turns and turns but we cannot see the structure inside it. All we can see are the reflections, or aspects that bounce off its myriad facets as the light shines on it.  It also can look different depending where you are standing in the room and what light is shining at the time.

These aspects are all we can see of our reality. From these clues we can try to put together a big picture of the truth about our reality. It may not be the whole story though!

Marian’s reality


Book Reviews

 Super Clues to reality

From aliens to Earth energies, nature spirits to the human energy field, this is a very useful overview of our place amidst the many dimensions of a conscious universe.

Peter Knight stone seeker tours


 Super Clues to reality

Great to find such diversity and interesting content in one well written book

Josephine Sellers Author and Transpersonal councillor


 Super Clues to reality

I love Marian’s enquiring mind and desire to dig deeper into life’s mysteries. Her book is like a beginners reference guide to the universe. She does not profess to being an expert on the subjects she shares – but I would say she is an expert explorer and sharer of insights.

Elaine Harrison-author and agent

I loved this book ( Super clues to Reality)  It continues on from Aspects of Reality and each work makes totally absorbing and fascinating reading.  Over many years, Marian has been trying to make sense of everything going on around her to get nearer to the truth as to what is the reality of this world of ours.  During her research, her explorations have included the works of great thinkers and also contemporary science which she then seeks to reconcile them her own experiences.  As she progresses, she delights in sharing her insights with her friends.

The beauty of both books is that she is now able to share her thoughts with a wider circle of people who, like her, are finding the need to question the very nature of all that is around us.  What makes her writing so very special is that she takes her readers on the journey with her.   She selectively dips in to the vast store of information she has accumulated to give her readers an opportunity follow the clues for themselves and reach their own conclusions.  She gently guides without ever lecturing.   At a time when there seems to be so much uncertainty in the world, Marian gives us a much-needed opportunity to investigate our very purpose and find some meaning. In Super Clues to Reality, Marian continues the magic to delve with us in to such themes as the remarkable achievements of the ancients, reality manifestation and our own consciousness. 

Richard Raymond

Writer healer councillor

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