The important questions

What’s reality?
It is just us and everything around us.
How did it get here?
Either by a series of random events or by deliberate design.
So science or faith or any other explanation. How can we tell?

The clues are there in plain sight. But we cannot see or understand all of them. We are beings limited by the quality of our sense organs and the limitations of our consciousness.

I liken our understanding of reality to being under an old fashioned glitter ball. It is as it is. It turns and turns and all we can see is the light reflected back from the facets. Not only that but it looks different wherever you are standing in the room. We may never understand the whole. The reflections are our aspects of reality. Science, spirituality, cosmology, esoterics, other beings, the real big picture .All these combine to make us us and our reality what it seems to be.

The fundamental questions

Who are we?

Where did we come from? How did we get here?

What are we doing here anyway?


Have any questions?