Marian’s talks

Marian gives talks on all her reality subjects to groups large or small, formal or informal.

There are 4 main talks but they can also be tailor made to your individual requirements.


7 Aspects of reality

Shows the main 7 Aspects of our reality and how they interact to make us us and our reality what it seems to be.

This looks at who and includes; what we actually are, where we come from, the mysteries of human consciousness and its role, the science of reality, our spirit bodies, life after death, other beings sharing our reality and the supra natural (the phenomena that should not exist if our physical reality was all there was).


Super clues to reality

This looks beyond the original 7 to the super clues buried inside them of an even bigger reality beyond.

Questions asked include; do we manifest our own reality? Is it all preplanned by ourselves or an intelligent designer of some sort? What does our energetic construction indicate? Where do the Akashic records come into things? What about concepts such as good and evil? Is our reality actually an individual illusion?


Angels and aliens

Both angels and aliens have been shown to exist in our reality with us almost from the beginning. I identify several types and ask, what are they and where do they come from? Have they always been with us and what is their purpose? Also, my research into ancient aliens has given me a completely different perspective on the real history of the world.


Other Beings in our reality with us

Angels, aliens fairies, elemental beings, nature spirits and much more. Who is actually sharing our reality with us? How do they interact and why cannot we see them?

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